How do I watch YouTube in China?

Do you live in China or are you planning a trip there? Do you want to be able to access YouTube while you’re there? As you probably already know, YouTube is blocked in China. You don’t need to worry though, there is a solution to this problem. The solution is to use a VPN.

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China’s government has strict censorship, and YouTube was one of the first western websites to be banned in China. The country continues to censor thousands of websites, most famously Twitter, Facebook and Google. In fact, every Google service has been blocked, including Gmail and Maps! Whether you are traveling there or living there, you are bound to be affected by China’s internet surveillance and censorship.

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If you want to access your favorite sites, you’ll want to find a way to get past the government’s system. The way to do this is with a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This is something that you should install before your arrival in China. Install it on all devices that you plan to use, like laptops, tablets and smartphones. You can then connect to a server outside China and borrow its connection to access YouTube and all other blocked sites.

From the rest of the world’s point of view, you are accessing the internet from the location of your VPN, not from your actual location. Your connection to the server is encrypted so the Chinese government can’t see what you’re accessing.

However, you should do your research and choose the right VPN because some of the VPNs themselves have been blocked by the ‘Great Wall of China.’ You will specifically need a China VPN that has been verified as working in China. If you want to access sites that are blocked by the government, you have to keep your anonymity and privacy safe so make sure you choose the right China VPN before you start your trip in the country. Then you will be good to go with YouTube, Facebook, Google and whichever other sites you would like to use!

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