Best VPN for China in 2020

If you are an expat in China, you will realize that you are not able to access most popular sites on the internet because they are blocked. Almost all social media sites are restricted, these include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many more. This restriction from accessing all famous sites is referred to as the “Great China Wall”, which makes an individual feel isolated from the rest of the world. As if it not enough, all Google services are also completely inaccessible, this means that you cannot search the web or use Google maps to navigate around. Alternative options like Baidu, Bing, Apple map, etc. are not restricted but offers filtered searches which aren’t really helpful. The only solution to this is to use a good VPN that can unblock these sites and get you connected to the rest of the world.

Why you need a VPN in China?

We have listed below five important reasons why an expat needs to have a VPN in China:

Unlock Websites

VPN service will help you to get access to all the blocked websites. If you are blocked from accessing any site then a good VPN is what you need and you will be able to access all famous global sites like Facebook, Google, twitter, YouTube, etc.

Faster Internet

While internet accessibility in China is way much better than in other countries, It is still very slow when you try to connect to sites that are hosted outside the country. Even the upload and download speed of famous cities in China such as Beijing and Shanghai will be slow. VPN gives you a faster internet connectivity by connecting you to a server from the local location. By this, you can access all the local news and events happening in your local location.

Professional Continuity

Apart from connectivity to the rest of the world, some of the expats need to get access to other sites like WordPress and Blogger for their professional work. Almost all of these sites require to call one of social sharing or Google APIs, you will keep on seeing messages like “waiting for” or “resolving host” which will make you go crazy. A VPN will help you to get access to these sites without any fuss if you are a professional working from China mainland.

Access sites locally

One of the many things that you will not believe include geo-blocking of websites, but it is true that if you are accessing a site with an IP originating from China, you get automatically blocked by the owner of the site. Although this geo-blocking is a security measure, expats find it hard to access sites even if they are not blocked in China. One and only method you can access these sites is by changing your IP address, which is the main work of VPN. Membership sites usually do allow connections from IP addresses from a local country. That is, you will only get access to a site of your native country, the site, however, will not allow connection from an IP address of other countries. By using VPN, you will connect to the site from wherever. Most VPN services offer 40-50 servers which are randomly located in the world. Before purchasing a VPN service, make sure that it can give you access to the server at your local location. In the same manner, almost all local events will only allow viewership within that particular country. With the help of a VPN, you can connect to a local server and get access to the site broadcasting that event.


Lastly, if you like surfing all over the internet without any particular need, you are in trouble because most of these Chinese sites usually have a lot of automatic downloads and popups. You might land in deep trouble by mistakenly downloading virus and jargons, which is one of the reasons why most people always go for Apple devices because it protects from internet virus. Make sure that you have an up to date antivirus active on your device, and also avoid visiting unknown sites. VPN encrypts data by connecting you through a secure channel, this prevents third parties from viewing your data. This is very helpful especially if you are making payments through your credit card or accessing your bank account. The cost of using VPN services may range between $5 and $100 per month, this depends on your needs and the number of devices you use. Although this might look strange because you are paying to access sites that are available freely. We highly recommend you to use legit VPN so that you access the services listed above, also, be extra cautious when using free VPN services as they might trick you and steal your data and even your bank information.