What is hide.me and is it safe?

While based in Malaysia, hide.me is a virtual private network or VPN  provider and it was built by the team who are IT experts in the entire world and the team members had worked  on the security of many multinational corporations and even for government and they do offer only the best  with this program towards the public.

Hide.me was established for the first time in 2012 and the company is the subsidiary of the eVenture limited while the head office is found in Federal Territory of Labuan in Malaysia.  The company has already 28 VPN servers found in over 22 countries around the entire world. The team is made up with the expert IT security people and they believe that each person will be protected while using the internet via their service.


By now hide.me is found among the top VPN providers that are found at the market now and they offer the additional privacy and security together with the means needed to access censored and blocked content.

Like other VPN, hide.me has to use the installation of the basic client software while it allows the customers in connecting to the network. After running of the software, the users are able to choose the settings needed and they can find the server that they would like to connect at.

After connecting, the internet traffic will be tunneled in the server and the user can take on some IP address on the server and this makes them to do everything they want online in anonymous way.  This is normally used while accessing the content that it is geo-restricted.


Besides this, the internet data has been encrypted and it gives the user the extra level of the security needed. Encryption makes sure that the online activity done online is safe against the unwanted hacking, threats or snooping.  It is not possible for even ISP to know what you are doing while using this service.  Hide.me is capable to protect all the online data you use between information that it is being sent or received and from internet. To safeguard the data from organization or individual who like to hack or steal the information while you browse.

Hide.me also prevents the organization, government or the ISP that wants to throttle the connection speed and restricting the online access through hiding the traffic away of the inspections.  This helps you to access the favorite site without having to worry about the being redirected or blocked away of it. Hide.me often provides coupon code for new users. You can use Hide.me coupon code to save money.

Hide.me does conceal the online phishers, malicious individual and hackers who want to know your location and your identity. It substitutes the IP address using its own IP address and this process lets you surf internet in a private manner and in anonymous way.   The service has been certified log free and the free users cannot be subjected to the data transfer log. The service has a large number of protocols like iKev 2, iKEv 1, open VPN, SSTP, L2TP, and PPTP.  They have now added the softEther support by now and this is great since it allows the user to choose which the best protocol for security and the speed is.