VyprVPN Review

These days, Virtual Private Networking (VPN) services have become an essential tool for safe and secure networking. Essentially, Vypr Virtual Private Network is the avatar of secure private networking. Developed by Golden Frog, VyprVPN helps protect your network from internet vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks. Once executed, it forwards your internet traffic to secure servers. These servers are encrypted with either 128bit or 256bit SSL encryption. Apart from your internet traffic, it also prevents hackers from stealing your online data. Read more about the VyprVPN review and how it is redefining your internet privacy in many ways:

VyprVPN Speed Test

Golden Frog claims that VyprVPN is the fastest VPN service in the world. Though it sounds like a tall claim at first, it does support high-speed internet connections including LAN and WAN networks. To secure such networks, the VPN service should boast enough speed. This is due to efficient code optimization that allows the software to cope with rapid packet transfers. The result is a very high-speed VPN service that is able to negotiate with the complete end to end security while ensuring highest speeds for different connections.

vyprvpn speed testing

Getting Started

To get the VyprVPN service, you need to sign up on their website. Users must enter their login name and e-mail address and their preferred mode of payment. Once completed, the user will be notified of the successful sign up through e-mail. The e-mail contains your login, password, relevant details and some promotional services that might interest some customers.

Accessible Websites

Youtube: using vyprvpn you can watch Youtube videos at HD resolution.

vyprvpn youtube

Hulu. Tried a few US ips, doesn’t work.

vyprvpn hulu

Twitter, Facebook, Google. No problem.

vyprvpn google

BBC iPlayer. Not working.

vyprvpn bbc

Free Cloud Storage

Users of VyprVPN are provided with a free online cloud storage to store their data. This service is known as DumpTruck and does a good job and keeping and protecting your online date. In terms of interface, the service is pretty simple. It boasts a simplistic look and lacks style, call it a simple version of the venerable Drop Box if you will. However, it has a few tricks up its sleeves such as dedicated VyprVPN support and security. Keep in mind that VyprVPN has access to all your data.

Trademark Features

VyprVPN allows users to connect to any network at any time of the day. There is no download cap or server restriction for users. This allows them to switch between different server locations without any additional fee. The VPN provides smooth transmission for approximately 200,000 IPs, over 700 servers in more than 40 countries across the globe. Servers are cluster based so the user never faces bottlenecks during heavy usage. Also, there is no bandwidth limit so the users can use as much as they want to.

Legal Compliance

Unlike some VPN services that allow users to undertake nefarious activities such as hacking, VyprVPN complies fully with federal law and doesn’t promote such activities. A cursory look at the software terms and conditions reveals that it is also compliant with the criminal investigation. This means that in if the user attempts at any illegal activity through the software, it will be recorded and can be used during the investigation.


Perhaps the most attractive feature of VyprVPN service is its attractive pricing. Compared to similar VPN services in the market, the VyprVPN is quite affordable. You get three options to choose from. These are:

  • Basic package – $6.67/ month, offering PPTP protection but no firewall
  • Pro package – $8.83/month, 2 simultaneous connections with PPTP and firewall protection included
  • Premium package – $10.00/ month, 3 simultaneous connections with PPTP and firewall protection

The basic account offers a maximum of 128bit encryption protection protocol. On the other hand, the Pro and Premium account offer up to 256bit of encryption protection on L2TP/IP per second. All accounts also offer Golden Frog’s exclusive Vypr DNS feature that protects against DNS leaks third party attacks. The NAT Firewall is another novel tool that protects your network from unwanted inbound internet traffic.

With so many features and an affordable price, you may find it hard not to buy this service.