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General StrongVPN Review?

StrongVPN is very big name in the VPN provides. It is as old as Hidemyass. It is established in 1995 and provide vpn service for above 10 years. It supports  PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN and IPSec Protocols, and provides servers at 44 Cities in 21 Counties. There are automatic setup application for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android. The installation process is very smooth. StrongVPN doesn’t provide free trial like Astrill.

strongvpn uiIf you want to try their service. You have to pay them first. It has a 5 Days Money Back Guarantee. If you pay it monthly, the price is $10 per month. If you pay it yearly, you get a huge discount. You only need to pay $5 per month. After a few days trial, I cancel my account without any problem. If you need a cheaper price, you can try to get a Strong vpn coupon code from The speed testing result of StrongVPN is similar with that of Hidemyass, accessible but not surprising.

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Is StrongVPN working for Youtube?

Yes, you can use StrongVPN to watch videos on Youtube without any problem. However the resolution of the videos may not be very good. If you set the resolution to 720P, cashing time will take a lot of money.

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Is StrongVPN working for Google?

Yes. If you just need to get information from Google. StrongVPN is working. You can also use it to access Gmail, which is also blocked by Government.

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Is StrongVPN working for Facebook?

Yes. You can use it to access Facebook website.

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Is StrongVPN working for BBC iPlayer?

Yes. If you switch your IP to one in UK. You can access BBC iPlayer with accessible speed. The BBC website will treat you like a UK-based visitor.

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Is StrongVPN working for Hulu?

Yes. many people outside US buy a vpn service for visiting Hulu. Some famous VPN services have been blocked by Hulu. However StrongVPN is working for it. Because I don’t have a Hulu Plus account. I didn’t test it. It should be working as well.

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