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General HideMyAss Review

HideMyAss is a UK-based company, mainly providing VPN service. It has “934 VPN servers in 353 locations in 190+ countries around the world” (updated on 2016.2.20). That means you can fake your IP address to be one in almost any country. My experiences with HideMyAss over the past 2 years are generally good. Because of the Great Wall on Internet from China, I can’t connect to their server for each time. However, they have huge numbers of servers and IPs. Finally, I can always connect to their server and use their VPN service after a few trys.

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Some people may question their privacy because they are from UK.  I don’t care of it, because I only use it to access blocked websites in China and never try to use it to do any illegal things in China or my hometown. Another problem for people to smoothly use it is that you cann’t access its official website HideMyAss.Com in China. That means you can’t register it pay and download it in China even though you can use it. You can use another VPN service, free or paid whatever, for registration and payment. Or you can ask your friend or family to register and pay it for you. Another thing you should remember is that you should always us a HideMyAss Coupon Code to get the lowest price. You can get the codes from  http://bestvpn.couponcodev.com.

Is the HideMyAss VPN fast?

The speed depends on many factors, such as your internet connection and which HideMyAss server you connect to. Usually, you get a few hundreds of Kb/S download rate and upload rate, which are OK for most websites. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can connect to a very quick server. Your download rate can reach 1 Mb/s. Even for high resolution online Videos, this rate is qualified.

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Is HideMyAss working for Facebook?

Yes, you can use your HideMyAss VPN service to access Facebook without any problem.

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Is HideMyAss working for Google and its related websites?

Yes, you can use your HideMyAss VPN service to access Google, Gmail, Google Drive and other Google-related websites without any problem. Sometimes, because too many people have a same IP address, you may be asked to verify yourself not a robot by putting in a few characters in a blank place.  The process is easy, only if you remember your personal information, such as your registration phone number or your security question. Make sure your registration phone number is working.

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Is HideMyAss working for Hulu?

No, according my experience and other people’s experience, Hulu has blocked almost all IPs from HideMyAss. You get the following information when you are trying to access it.

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If you need to access Hulu from China, you best chance is to try a less popular VPN service, because almost all popular VPN services have been blocked.

Is HideMyAss working for Youtube?

Yes, you can use your HideMyAss VPN service to access Youtube without any problem. If you set the quality to 720p, you may need more time to caching. For other qualities, the speed are smooth.

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Is HideMyAss working for BBC iPlayer?

May, You can use HideMyAss to access BBC iPlayer’s programs if you are lucky and get on a useful UK server. Some servers may be blocked by BBC and not work anymore.

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