Torguard VPN review

Pricing and Bundles

Note that TorGuard is unlike other VPN providers because, one, it has very flexible options on their bundle alternatives. Each of them comes with different price and features. Anonymous Proxy which costs only $5.95 per month includes Unlimited speeds and bandwidth, over 2000 IPs in 50+ countries, free 24/7/365 customer support access and SOCKS5/SSH/HTTP/SSL configuration. Continue reading “Torguard VPN review”

PureVPN Review

As the rapid expansion in the virtual world and how much we are drawn into the vast realm, our security and privacy is not a matter of our body anymore. Our security and privacy in the vast virtual world is in the form of internet data we send and receive through many platforms and channels. By this phenomenon keeps evolving, it’s our rights to utilize an integrated security system for our safety. Continue reading “PureVPN Review”

What is and is it safe?

While based in Malaysia, is a virtual private network or VPN  provider and it was built by the team who are IT experts in the entire world and the team members had worked  on the security of many multinational corporations and even for government and they do offer only the best  with this program towards the public. Continue reading “What is and is it safe?”

VyprVPN Review

These days, Virtual Private Networking (VPN) services have become an essential tool for safe and secure networking. Essentially, Vypr Virtual Private Network is the avatar of secure private networking. Developed by Golden Frog, VyprVPN helps protect your network from internet vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks. Once executed, it forwards your internet traffic to secure servers. These servers are encrypted with either 128bit or 256bit SSL encryption. Apart from your internet traffic, it also prevents hackers from stealing your online data. Read more about the VyprVPN review and how it is redefining your internet privacy in many ways: Continue reading “VyprVPN Review”

StrongVPN Review

General StrongVPN Review?

StrongVPN is very big name in the VPN provides. It is as old as Hidemyass. It is established in 1995 and provide vpn service for above 10 years. It supports  PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN and IPSec Protocols, and provides servers at 44 Cities in 21 Counties. There are automatic setup application for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android. The installation process is very smooth. StrongVPN doesn’t provide free trial like Astrill. Continue reading “StrongVPN Review”

Astrill VPN Review

General Astrill VPN Review

Astrill provides many VPN products for you to choose based on your requirements, such as personal VPN service, dedicated VPN routers and business VPN solution. The personal vpn service is very good for users in China, because they provide China-optimized servers, which are very fast in comparison with other VPN service, such as HideMyAss. Continue reading “Astrill VPN Review”

HideMyAss Review

General HideMyAss Review

HideMyAss is a UK-based company, mainly providing VPN service. It has “934 VPN servers in 353 locations in 190+ countries around the world” (updated on 2016.2.20). That means you can fake your IP address to be one in almost any country. My experiences with HideMyAss over the past 2 years are generally good. Because of the Great Wall on Internet from China, I can’t connect to their server for each time. However, they have huge numbers of servers and IPs. Continue reading “HideMyAss Review”